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So called ‘Small Businesses' often don’t receive the same consideration as their ‘Larger’ counterparts…

3 Common Problems…

  • Do you arrange your company mobile phones when they are due for renewal?
  • A lot of ‘Small Business’ owners are left to organise the mobile phones for their companies and will visit a high street retailer, or compare online.

  • Do you fully understand what packages will be cheaper for Your Business
  • A lot of ‘Small Business’ owners will spend ages looking for a tariff which looks right for their business spending a lot of their own time (and therefore money) searching for a solution without truly understanding where cost savings can be made.

  • Do you really trust the shop worker who has been working for a high street retailer for a few months to fully understand what Your business needs?
  • A lot of ‘Small Business’ owners make an assumption that the person in store will sell them the right package for their business, and they will be happy with their choice until they realise that potentially huge savings can be made just by re-thinking the way they use their mobiles.

3 Common Problems… 1 Simple Answer

  • Would you like a proactive Account Manager who understands your bills?
  • Would you like to talk to someone who has been dealing with business like yours for 12 years?
  • Would you like to see someone face to face that can explain the jargon and makes periodical recommendations on where savings can be made?

 Would you like to save money?  When would you like to meet?

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e: Julie@atechmobile.com t: 02392 296596 m: 07818 066666

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